Welcome back! Episode #21 of the Dear Untitled podcast features an artist who is topically relevant for the current global environment - Mastiff (UK) ! Bringing us a genuine and honest discussion on the current global pandemic with regard to their latest album ‘Plague’, we dig a little further into the lyrical content and personal connection which growling vocalist, Jim Hodge, has with the album. There is also a brief discussion on upcoming music and what 2020 might hold for this hardcore act, so tune in and check out a solid discussion on Episode #21 of the Dear Untitled podcast! (Beer is also involved for the connoisseurs out there as well!)

As a geographically separated act between 2 continents, US and Asia, Blacksound is a rising metalcore act with extreme potential to wow, and they are just getting started! Joined by Taylor (vocalist) and Andrew (Lead Guitarist) we discuss how the band came together across these divides, and dig deep into the passion and heart wrenching emotion that was poured into the upcoming album, ‘Pathos’. Go check these guys out, listen to their latest single, “Mannequin” , and let us know how excited you are for their debut release! Jump on in to Episode #20 of the Dear Untitled podcast!

Episode #19 of the Dear Untitled podcast brings you a great friend of ours, a local musician, Mike Coscia.

We met Mike in a round about way through one of his acts, Bone Hive, but there are 6 acts which he has been involved in since he started into the scene back in 2004:

Threads of Sincerity, Interiors, P-Slur, Bone Hive, Snake Charmer, and now Bloomproof (Plus a 7th in the works!)

On top of that history, you will also hear shoutouts to many amazing artists and resources available in the global and Philadelphia scene right now, such as "This is Hardcore", Malfy and Dom of Freeze MF, Woobly of Snake Charmer, Kyle Peronteau, Josh Mitchell of Everloft Studios, Timmy from The Drowned God, photographers Eduardo Ruiz and Cody Mitchell, and so on. Seriously while we talked there were over 35 shout outs of HIGH quality humans involved in Mike's life, but also the direct scene and industry who he had to truly thank for the opportunities that he has been given to date. Make yourself comfortable and prepare to be infused with information based in the Philadelphia music scene on Episode #19 of Dear Untitled!

We chatted with our mates in XIII Weeks at a pub in the UK last week where we discussed their debut EP, 'In Memoriam' turning 1, what the future holds for them with regard to new music, moving forward with new members, and them beginning to hit gigs much harder as 2020 progresses! We last highlighted XIII Weeks on Issue #9 of Dear Untitled in April 2019, but we had to bring them back due to how much their music stuck with us and to check in for our listener's sake! Grab a drink and come listen in on Episode #18 of Dear Untitled!

It's hard for us to believe that one year has gone by since Lastelle's debut EP, 'Harrow' fell upon our ears. It was love at first listen for Nic, but he wasn't the only one. 'Harrow' presents an relentless wall of sound which crashes into your ears across the 5 track collection catching the attention of many lsiteners in the UK and across the globe since release. Actively (and aggressively) touring, Adam, Jonjo, and Rich, carved out some time in their latest string of weekend shows to chat with us and reminisce over what the 'Harrow' means to them at this point, as well as what we can expect looking ahead to 2020 and beyond from this vibrant young act! Tune in and get acquainted some of our closest mates in the UK!

We had the opportunity to sit down and catch up with Blueshift, a 4-piece Progressive Metal/Djent act, hailing from the Southern US, and talked with Josh Dunn (Lead Vocals), Cody Riggins (Guitar/Secondary Vocals/Sampling), and Dakota Gomez (Bass) about the latest progress on the road to the creation of their debut album. 

Crashing onto the scene in early 2018 with their blazing debut singles, “Disconnect” (March 2018), “Undertow” (August 2018), and “Saudade” (October 2018), Dear Untitled featured this young act on our very own debut Issue #1 in August of 2018! Since then, Nic has kept in close touch with their progress and their journey to a new album....and now we have it announced! Beginning their 2020 campaign with a solid single, "Eternia" (Feb 7th, 2020), the new album "Voyager" is on its way to our ears on March 13, 2020.

Don't miss this update and check out their single "Eternia" out everywhere NOW! 


After showcasing their 2018 LP release, 'Inner Signals', on Dear Untitled and hanging out over summer 2019 at Imatterfest with If I Were You , we figured it was about time to bring our friends Randy Pasquarella and Daniel Conklin back to talk about what they have been up to since AND dive further into their new single, "False Reality" just for you! We had a great time talking about a little bit of everything and can't wait to see them on the road hopefully in the near future! (Shout outs to imatterfest, r/metalcore, as well as Southpark and Spongebob!)

Based in St Louis, Discrepancies is familiar with the musical talent necessary to "make it big" and they have been putting in the hustle - opening for acts such as Korn, Breaking Benjamin, touring on Warped Tour, and much more! Their grind continues into 2020 where we caught up with prior to the release of the debut track, "Control" as part of the upcoming full-length album campaign. We are just as excited as you are for new music from this nu-metal/rap-metal/metalcore hybrid act, so sit back and enjoy the conversation!  Intro Music: "Control" by Discrepancies

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona (US), Marked; Life is all about the passion in the music, according to their lead singer, Sam Laponis. Come get an earful of the Progressive Nu-Metal sound and scrambled tempo changes they stack on top of cutting lyrics - Today is a BIG announcement for them, you don't want to miss this! 

Taking music to the next level, Cody Matthew Johnson has received accolades for a large amount of work, including recent nominations and awards for his track "Saudade" from the score of 'Resident Evil 2', as well as the entire score of 'The Devil May Cry V' nominated for best score/music. We discuss immersive audio, spatialization and sound design, impulse responses, sampling, music licensing, and so more in this episode so don't miss out!

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