Based out of Elizabethtown, PA, Jeremy Jones has been involved in a couple local Philly and southeastern PA projects, both as a member as well as in 2015 starting his own audio engineering business which he focuses more on now than anything. That being said, juggling family time, work, and music, this guy has his hands full so I was grateful to connect with him for as long as we did. From starting out as an engineer and producer, to Jeremy's unique writing habits and composition techniques, as well as his alternative rock project, Numbskull - we cover it all - jump on in and enjoy!

Based out of Schenectady, New York, Banshee is looking to make a huge impact in their local scene and beyond. Obviously things are a little different when you go to start a new band and all of a sudden you can't tour, but somehow Nico Cafarelli, the self-titled "Yeller" of Banshee, told us they are staying positive AND dropping their debut EP this Friday, July 10th, 2020 - called 'Events Occur in Real Time'. All in all it was a much appreciated conversation and bundle of laughs shared throughout this episode. We hope you really dig in and enjoy this banter as much as Nic did regarding what Banshee is about to unleash on your eardrums on July 10th, 2020!

Episode #28 of The Dear Untitled Podcast brings us guest artist, THUDD, hailing out of Brighton, UK. Inside we chat with the 4 minds who compose the group, learn the story of their formation, and get deep into what their first 3 singles mean WITH an EXCLUSIVE surprise announcement within - a NEW EP! Coming July 24th, 2020 ‘Not My Type’ will be live for everyone to hear with 2 additional unheard songs! If you enjoy hard rock/catchy metal sans screams/gutterals, THUDD is the next group you DEFINITELY need to check out! Jump in and let us know what you think of the young minds of THUDD seeking to make their mark in the UK scene!

In Episode 27, we bring you yet another talented musician, a solo project at that, called Aristic. Aristic is comprised of Niklas Runstad and as you will hear, he showcases many vocalists in his work, while he views himself as a composer - a one man show - minus vocals. On this podcast he was actually in the studio with Rex, Mathias Rexius, who produces Aristic as well as runs his own label, Rexius Records. There is a lot of knowledge about Aristic and the Swedish music scene in store, so buckle up and jump on in!

Featured in Episode #26, Casey Sabol is a talented artist who has made waves in the LA music scene - trying his hand at a variety of genres he remains relevant over the past 15 years or so of his career - never to be forgotten by the corners of the internet. To launch his musical ventures, Casey worked with very early Periphery (when they were starting and known as “Bulb”) and has since prepared for this moment over the past 15 years or so to break out his brand new self titled solo project, Casey Sabol Music.

The journey of how he got here - well, I'm gonna let Casey explain that saga. For those of you who do know him, then you know only good things are in store. Everyone meeting Casey for the first time - welcome! Either way you are here and in for a treat of a show, only on The Dear Untitled Podcast!

Today we feature to Max Calkins, lead singer of the band, Katahdin. Formerly known as Hallowell, this band hails from the Portland, Maine area of the US aka the New England hardcore scene, if you will. They pride themselves on "being the most ignorant and heavy band that they can be in their area” and so far, with their release of the debut single, “Separation, they are proving that.

Listen in to hear what the state of Hallowell is now that Katahdin is full steam ahead, find out the lyric meaning of “Separation, and hear Max talk about his involvement in music and the local scene as a whole, only on The Dear Untitled Podcast!

Image: Amber Ann Britt

In Episode #24 of The Dear Untitled Podcast we sit down with Takers Leavers and dissect their music to an extent, starting with their debut EP, ‘Filthy Animals’ up through the latest single, “Act 1: Quiet/Chaos’ . We break down what this recent track and upcoming music mean on a personal level for the guys, and appreciate the genuine honesty as everyone opened up and wrestled with their inner demons, struggles with depression, self worth - all captured within the ‘container’ we know as music.

Looking for some music to scratch the itch just outside of the hardcore/deathcore/slam genres? How about self-identified "Insanitycore" Philadelphia band, DeadVectors? Joined by producer and co-writer, Aaron Chaparin, make sure to listen to Kenny Stroh and Connor Mayeros discuss the creation of DeadVectors, hear about the EP lore/storyline, understand their unique approach to songwriting, and so much more crammed into Episode #23. Peep what DeadVectors has going on currently and keep eyes on Pathogen also - both are due to have a BIG 2020 yet to come!

Episode #22 features solo alternative pop punk act, Echoes Away, aka Andrew Conners. Andrew is a multifaceted character who was an incredible guest - we covered everything from Jason Butler of Letlive, Enter Shakari's new album, and Johnny Franck aka Bilmuri's impact on numerous scene creations. Oh, of course we also discuss Echoes Away and the latest track, "Clarity" which came out on Friday, April 17th and we featured here on Dear Untitled.

Definitely kick back, relax, and quarantine with us right here!

Clarity Coverage:

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Welcome back! Episode #21 of the Dear Untitled podcast features an artist who is topically relevant for the current global environment - Mastiff (UK) ! Bringing us a genuine and honest discussion on the current global pandemic with regard to their latest album ‘Plague’, we dig a little further into the lyrical content and personal connection which growling vocalist, Jim Hodge, has with the album. There is also a brief discussion on upcoming music and what 2020 might hold for this hardcore act, so tune in and check out a solid discussion on Episode #21 of the Dear Untitled podcast! (Beer is also involved for the connoisseurs out there as well!)

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