Letting the name of this band speak for itself, Graphic Nature is a brash, rising Nu-Metal project based out of London, UK. In episode #37 of The Dear Untitled Podcast, Nic sits down with Harvey Freeman (Vocalist) and Pete Woolven (Guitarist) to discuss the origins of how Graphic Nature came to be, chat where their passionate sound is rooted, and talk about managing music in a year that hasn’t been kind to most artists around the globe. Focusing on crafting a ferocious style which they want to pursue, Graphic Nature is quickly gaining traction and turning heads in the upcoming UK scene.

Don’t miss our conversation with Graphic Nature, right here on Dear Untitled!

Today we are showcasing a crazy talented Progressive Djent act out of PA, US: Pathogen. Pathogen, as some of you may know, consists of members of the band Dead Vectors, who we showcased on the podcast back in May of 2020 on Episode #23, however Pathogen is a different animal entirely. The band constantly seeks to push the creative boundaries of whatever genre they feel like crafting...the potential, as seen on their brand new LP, 'Null Space', is limitless. 

Launching his way into the next era of metalcore, Corwin Bermudez, the solo act by the name of Never Known, joins us on Episode #35 of the podcast prior to the release of his brand new LP, ‘No Horizon’ (Sept 4th, 2020). Channeling the peak metalcore sound of ~2008-2010 (Think Haste The Day, Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, etc), Never Known unleashes a powerful statement into the world and simultaneously provides a glimmer of hope to all who indulge the band’s music - right here, in Episode #35.

Episode #34 brings on an act who may at first sound like a throwback to some stylistically, but rather is an 'emo revival' act, by the name of One Last Daybreak. Emo Revival you say? What's that entail - cover songs from the early 2000's? No, not at all actually - simply driving the sound, emotion, and fervid intensity into the translation of a style that they love themselves, while maintaining a modern aesthetic and quality. That being said, they DO wear shirts and ties like MCR when they do play shows to keep the mood, BUT there is a TON to uncover with this band, so jump directly in here to our discussion of Myspace and general chit chat of the music industry before we dive head on into "What defines One Last Daybreak?" only on Dear Untitled

Episode #33 brings the talented musician, Kuyler Massam, on where we talk about musical background, his entry to the ever talented act, Sleepsculptor, and how vibrant the network of the DIY scene really is. Of course the unavoidable topic of the Covid virus tampering with the band’s plans comes up, but the resilience here is stunning. Now as a writer and guitarist of Sleepsculptor, Kuyler brings a very intense style to the band, following his prior act "The University of South Vietnam School of Warfare" (USVSW) bowing out of the picture. This is a slightly longer episode, but genuine reactions and discussion on influences highlight this entire show - you don’t want to miss this!

Joining us on Episode #32 of The Dear Untitled Podcast for a very big announcement, we have our friends in the alternative rock act, Dream Drop. Based out of Sweden, this act has been just biding their time to break out into the scene and garner some very up close attention. Recently, their vocalist Joar had the opportunity to work with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, and Dream Drop’s guitarist, Zorro, has recorded some solo work - however don't let us tell you all about it - listen in and hear what these two have to say about a BIG announcement, upcoming single, AND future plans of Dream Drop - right here on Dear Untitled!

On Episode #31, we talk to the whole crew of Burden and dive into some really honest discussion about the new album, what it means personally to the band, how disorganized the band is, and we find out about Ed's stare down with a kid in a Hot Topic. (Yes, Hot Topic, like at a mall). You’re not ready for what you are about to hear, so jump in and get ready for a ride…..THEN go show these dudes some love with their release, ‘YEAR OF THE WOLF’ dropping Monday, August 17th, 2020 on Patient Zero Records.

In a unique format today we have a really really epic privilege of talking to our good friends in Lastelle - formerly featured on Dear Untitled - both the podcast and blog - this emotional post hardcore act really has their teeth in us and the UK - so much so that we are showcasing a special feature for a very big announcement inside this episode - you gotta listen to find out.


Come on the road and hear tour life with Lastelle from A to Z and so much more!

Based out of Elizabethtown, PA, Jeremy Jones has been involved in a couple local Philly and southeastern PA projects, both as a member as well as in 2015 starting his own audio engineering business which he focuses more on now than anything. That being said, juggling family time, work, and music, this guy has his hands full so I was grateful to connect with him for as long as we did. From starting out as an engineer and producer, to Jeremy's unique writing habits and composition techniques, as well as his alternative rock project, Numbskull - we cover it all - jump on in and enjoy!

Based out of Schenectady, New York, Banshee is looking to make a huge impact in their local scene and beyond. Obviously things are a little different when you go to start a new band and all of a sudden you can't tour, but somehow Nico Cafarelli, the self-titled "Yeller" of Banshee, told us they are staying positive AND dropping their debut EP this Friday, July 10th, 2020 - called 'Events Occur in Real Time'. All in all it was a much appreciated conversation and bundle of laughs shared throughout this episode. We hope you really dig in and enjoy this banter as much as Nic did regarding what Banshee is about to unleash on your eardrums on July 10th, 2020!

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